My Next Challenge -- Bungy Jumping
---- Date ----
Originally I wanna have it on a special day, 31 December --
the ending of this year, how a perfect day and an active!
But I found that it won't be hold on that day. -.-
Therefore I chose 24 December -- X'mas Eve, sounds not bad.
---- Place ----
It was held in Tao Yun "Dahan Bridge" every Saturday.
But it's a problem for me HOW TO GET THERE.
Now I know it mabybe held in Taipei "Living Mall" on 24 December too.
If it was, I SURELY join in it.
---- Price ----
per person: $2,000
5~10 people: $1,900
student: $1,700
---- website ----
I forgot to say that, actually, I fear Height.
However, I wanna try Bungy Jumping. ;D


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