Men are more likely to grant women’s wishes at 6pm 
A woman may not always gets what she wants... but she may stand more chance if she waits until 6pm to ask for it. 
This is the time when a man is likely to grant a loved one’s wishes, according to a poll.
Henpecked husbands should, however, steer clear of having a row mid-afternoon. That’s because 3pm is the best time for the fairer sex to win an argument, the poll of more than 1,000 men and women found.
And when it comes to asking for a pay rise or promotion, a woman would do best not to pounce on the boss when he or she arrives for work in the morning, but to wait until 1pm. This is the time that managers are likely to be most receptive to employees’ demands, said the poll.
Women, however, will be glad to know that they are not the only sex affected by ‘mood swings’, with the male mindset also changing over the course of the day.
Some 86 percent of the 1,019 men and women polled said they were aware of regular peaks and troughs in their mood.
The findings suggest that by being more in touch with biorhythms, or the body’s natural rhythms, we could get what we want more often.
stand a/no chance:片語,有/沒有機會。
例句:Does he still stand a chance to win her girlfriend back?(他還有機會追回他的女友嗎?)
例句:He has all the qualities of a henpecked husband.(他有怕老婆的丈夫的所有特質。)
steer clear (of something/someone):動詞,避開(某事、某人)。
例句:You’d better steer well clear of your boss when he has a dirty look. (老闆臉很臭的時候,你最好閃遠點。)


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