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Alexisonfire / Accidents //seeking*****
Bif Naked / Let Down
Death From Above 1979 / Romantic Rights // seeking*** & lyrics: come to baby, I love you to come to me (fast)
Foo Fighters /Best of you //(rock) sounds like Bon Jovi & seeking**** & lyric: if someone get the best on you...
Franz Ferdinand /Do you want to
Gorillaz /Feel Good Inc. //iPod & seeking***** Green Day /Wake Me Up When September Ends //seeking*****
Hedley /Villain
k-OS / Crucial //lyrics: what you say, blah blah again now ...I will never let you down
Middle Of Nowhere /Hot Hot Heat //seeking** & lyric: took you to something to go on...
Rise Against / Swing Life Away (slow)
Staind /Right Here //seeking*** & lyrics: Do you always find the way...
Switchfoot /Stars //seeking*** & lyrics: we're looking the star ah-ah-ah...
The Bravery / An Honest Mistake (likes Suede)
The Killers / All These Things That I've Done / lyrics: help me out, ya, you don't you gotta help me out…
The offspring / Can't Repeat //seeking*** & lyrics: live goes on, come on baby, can't hold on...
The Stills / Love And Death / seeking*** & lyrics: it just so boring waste my time…
U2 / Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your own
Weezer /We Are All On Drugs //seeking**** & lyrics: give it to me, we're all on drugs...

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